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The Green Star Model GS-1000 is the same as the Green Star GS-3000 but does not come with the Pasta Maker, Breadstick Maker, Drip Tray, Strainer or Course Screen.

Like the original “Gold”, Model GP-E1503, the “Green Star” GS-1000 is still many machines in one. Being able to extract juice from hard roots (like carrots), fibrous vegetables (like celery) and leafy vegetables (like wheat grass).

Or choose the affordability of the Green Star GS-3000 which includes the Pasta Maker, Breadstick Maker, and the Drip Tray along with other accessories.

The quality of the “Green Star” GS-1000 has not been salvaged by the price! The “Green Star” GS-1000 has the same technological features as the “Green Power” GP-E1503 “Gold. The technological breakthroughs of the Green Power ® Juice Extractors have not limited itself to the “Green Star” GS-1000. The “Green Star” GS-1000 also produces little or no temperature variation with its low speeds-which creates great tasting foods with low noise operation. And yes, you can still store your juices for a longer period time in the refrigerator with the “Green Star’s” patented Twin Gear technology.

The Green Star Juicer has the same capability and features as the Green Power Juicer, including magnetic and bioceramic technology as well as twin gear technology. The Green Star will extract the same amount and quality of juice as the Green Power.

The difference between the Green Star and Green Power Juicer is:

  1. Green Star Juicer is 7 lbs. lighter
  2. Green Star Juicer is 1 inch overall smaller in size.
  3. Some of the plastic housing parts are slightly smaller on the Green Star Juicer.
  4. Green Star GS-1000 Juicer does not come with a Mochi Maker, Pasta Set. The Green Power Juicer does as well as the Green Star GS-3000 does.
  5. The motor size (1/4 hp.) and the capacity of juice produced are the same both juicers.

Keep your Life Healthy with Green Star

  • Minimize Loss of Nutrition
    Other juicers and blenders with fast rotating blades can destroy a substantial amount of nutrients in fruits and vegetables due to the heat and the impact produced in the operation of the machine. With your Green Star juice extractor you can minimize the loss of nutrients. Because Green Star juice extractor has the unique triturating Twin Gear feature which is an impeller press system. Its powerful low r.p.m. turning speed generates virtually no heat to your juice and thoroughly crushes and presses fruits and vegetables, instead of cutting and shredding them into small pieces.
  • Capable of Juicing Herbs and Leafy Vegetables with tough Fiber. Most of herbs and leafy vegetables with tough fiber are difficult of nearly impossible to juice with other juices of blenders. Now from the moment you start using Green Star juice extractor, you can easily juice all of these including wheatgrass.
  • Magnetic and Bio-ceramic Technology
    Green Star uses strong magnets and a bio-ceramic material in its Twin-Gear system to produce fresh juice which can be stored for a longer period of time; up to 48 hours in the refrigerator by delaying oxidation.
  • Reduced Operational Noise
    Green Star Juice Extractor is very quiet when in use.
  • Automatic Pulp Ejection
    Impeller press system of Twin Gear enables you to enjoy continuous juicing.
  • Easy to Clean
    You can easily disassemble this machine for cleaning with the brush included in each box.

Independent laboratory tests confirm that Green Star's Twin Gear Press technology extracts a substantially higher mineral content than other leading juicers. Concentrations of essential minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc are found to be 50%-200% higher in juice from Green Star than in Juice from other juicers

  • Heavy duty construction using highest quality materials.
  • Employs powerful magnets to help create maximum nutritional quality juice.
  • One-step continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection
  • Juices almost all vegetables and fruits.
  • Also homogenizes and makes frozen, non-dairy delicious treats!
Green Star machines are reputably one of the world's best juice extractors and most efficient food processors. Using Exclusive Heavy Duty Twin Gear technology with a low 110 rpm, superior to those of any competitor, Green Star machines are your best choice. There is no need to look elsewhere. With their ease of use and simple clean up, Green Star Juice Extractors and Food Processors are award-winning machines of unsurpassed quality.
Also see the Green Star GS-3000 if you want the pasta and bread stick maker wirh your Green Star Juicer

Green Star Juicer
Model GS-1000
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Absolutely Devours & Juices All Leafy Greens! (They almost juice themselves!) ..INCLUDING WHEATGRASS AND SPROUTS!

The Green Power / Green Star Juicer gets significantly more juice out of wheat grass, and does so faster than any dedicated wheatgrass juicer.

Least Oxidation (ONLY 100 RPMs!) Vegetable Juices Last for Over Three Days! Fruit Juices Can Last Even Longer!
(some accessoris shown here are optional)

GREEN STAR GS-1000 Standard Accessories

  • Fine Screen
  • Glass Pitcher
  • Homogenizing Blank
  • Wooden Plunger
  • Plastic Plunger
  • Cleaning Brush

The Green Star GS-1000 is the same machine as the Green Star GS-3000 except the following are not included which are included with the Green Star GS-3000

  • Course screen
  • Strainer
  • Drip Tray
  • Breadstick attachment (rice cake)
  • Pasta Attachment

12" high x 6.5" wide x 18.5" long
weight 24lbs
built in carry handle
built in cord storage
110 rpm turning speed
190 watts  60 hertz 120 volts
5 year warranty

  • Some vegetable juice can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 48 hours without losing nutritional value.
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Juices wheatgrass and sprouts
  • Easy to disassemble/assembles and clean
  • Quiet due to low RPM
  • Best Juicers Rating for the Green Star Juicer :

    Juice Quality:
    Ease of Use:

    Juicing Time:

    Ease of clean up:

    Factory Warranty:

    Juice Yeild:
    Overall Rating
    5 out of 5 carrots

    Differences between TriBest Juicers
    Features GP-E1503 GS-1000 GS-2000 GS-3000
    Juicing System Exclusive Heavy Duty Twin Gear Exclusive Heavy Duty Twin Gear Exclusive Heavy Duty Twin Gear Exclusive Heavy Duty Twin Gear
    Magnetic & bioceramic technology
    to extract more minerals
    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Pocket recess of each tooth of
    gear for easier juicing
    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Built in mechanism to cut
    stringy fibers
    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Fine screen for vegetable juicing Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Coarse screen for pulpy juice Yes Optional Yes Yes
    Homogenizing blank for making nut
    butters, baby foods, and fruit sorbets
    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Pulp adjusting knob to control
    pressure on the pulp to produce
    maximum juice quantity
    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Plastic plunger Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Wooden plunger Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Juice pitcher Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Carrying handle Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Electrical cord storage compartment Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Pasta maker Yes Optional Optional Yes
    Mochi maker Yes Optional Optional Yes
    Pulp adjusting knob for
    soft fruit juicing
    Optional Optional Optional Optional
    Capacity of motor 190 watts
    (1/4 hp)
    190 watts
    (1/4 hp)
    190 watts
    (1/4 hp)
    190 watts
    (1/4 hp)
    Squeezing HP 4 hp 4 hp 4 hp 4 hp
    Clearance between the two gears 4/1000 inch 4/1000 inch 4/1000 inch 4/1000 inch
    Switch button operation One touch operation One touch operation One touch operation One touch operation
    Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years
    Machine & Accessories Weight 26 lbs 21 lbs 22.5 lbs 23 lbs
    Shipping Weight 34 lbs 29 lbs 30.5 lbs 31 lbs
    Size (W)x(H)x(D) 22-1/4"x
    10"x 15-1/2"
    10"x 15"
    10"x 15"
    10"x 15"

    For additional savings on this juicer package, please call 619.699.9776 to order. If we are on the phone, we will call you back. Thank you.

    SPECIAL Green Star GS-3000 Juicer Package:
    Green Star GS-3000 Juicer, Soft Fruit Attachment and Living with Green Star Recipe Book
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    Living with Green Star Recipe Book By Elysa Markowitz. - A Gourmet Collection of Living Food Recipes. Elysa Markowitz shows you how to prepare over 150 gourmet raw recipes using the Green Star Juicers--main dishes, desserts, banana ice creams, seed cheeses, pretzels, sauces, salsas, parfaits and more. Or it can show you how to keep it simple with a bowl of hearty soup and whole grain crackers.This beautiful book provides you with the tools to build optimal health. clear user instructions, recipe tips and a photo gallery of rawfood delights.

    Soft Fruit Attachment - This attachment allows the pulp of some fruits such as apples, pears, oranges and more to come out of the juicer with the juice instead of backing up. It is not able to juice fruits such as bananas, peaches and other pulpy fruits. It is best to blend these types of fruits. (note: this part looks identical to the outlet adjusting knob that comes with the Green Star Juicer but the spring of this attachment is designed to allow some pulp to exit with the juice)