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Nature's Perfect Juicer

This is a friendly reminder to chew your food well. Take your time when eating. Remember, digestion starts in the mouth. Think as if your teeth were a juicer and your mouth as a blender. How good of a job is your mouth doing at pulverizing your food before it travels to your stomach? The less work your body has to do to break down the food, the happier your body and you will be.

So, if my teeth is the Best Juicer, do I really need a juicer or blender?

Yes, the purpose of juicing and blending is to provide the body with more concentrated and available nutirents for the body. Whether you are juicing or blending, the food is digested easier and available to the cells in your system more rapidly. Therefore, your body does not have to work as hard digesting and can then use the extra energy to heal and repair.

More on Nature's Perfect Juicer to come..